Saturday, June 17, 2017

To Everything There is a Season

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To Everything There is a Season
By: Cindy Feeman

Winter, although it can be beautiful at times, usually represents cold and barrenness. Unlike Spring which breaths a breath of hope and promise. It has the influence of new beginnings, new energies and new efforts.
At some point in our life time we all experience each season in our spiritual walk. we go through the winter wondering if spring will ever come and then it happens. A crocus will peek out through the snow covered hill with the hint that Spring is indeed on its way. a renewing is close at hand.

This past year has been a wintery trial for me health wise. A lot of suffering and pain, some discouragement and at times a feeling of helplessness. Struggling each day to see that crocus peek its head out bringing hope. I knew in my spirit that Spring would come again. 
The SONshining, the of his promise and the power of hope. I see the crocus!!! 
This allows me to know that Spring is arriving. Spring is really a new display of God's presence and power. A renewal which comes forth from divine energy. What He does in the natural world, He also does in the spiritual realm. There are times of refreshing from the Lord, a veritable Springtime. A time of depression and barrenness should succeed by a time of new life and new spiritual energy. The Springtime is a period of renewed joy and hope.
The Springtime should have a message of influence for us and I realized I can't experience that Springtime without first going through the Winter.

Thank God for the crocus peeking through.

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