Friday, September 1, 2017

Blocking Out Distractions

Blocking Out Distractions
Sis. Cindy Feeman

The number one reason for automobile accidents across the nation is "distractions". Whether it is phone usage, eating, changing the radio or even looking back to check on your children... our main focus is lost, if only for a few seconds. But those seconds can be detrimental and even life changing.
The definition of distraction is "something that makes it hard to pay attention".
I remember when my brother Bob was in first grade and my Mom had went to the school for Parent/Teacher conference.... the teacher had told my Mom that Bob was a wonderful and adventurous child and although his grades were good, he was easily distracted. The example was that she had read a story to the children and was asking the children questions about the story and at one question Bob raised his hand and so called on him for the answer. His answer was "Did you know there is a cat laying in the window over there?"
His attention had been drawn away by a distraction.
Distractions can be both external sources and internal sources.
Worry, anxiety, and daydreaming can be forms of distraction too!

As Christians it is even more important to stay focused on our relationship with God. 
That is an everyday pursuit!
Here are 9 ever present distractions in life:

1. Promise of Tomorrow... Joshua Glenn Clark said "We waste so many days waiting for the weekend."

2. The Pursuit of Perfection... Perfection can distract us from moving forward.

3. The Regret of Yesterday... Don't allow regret from the past to negatively distract from opportunity in the present.

4. The Accumulation of Possessions... More is not the answer. More has become a distraction.

5. The Desire of Wealth... Our lives were designed by our Creator for contribution.

6. The Need for Notoriety... Those who live their lives focused on the need to be recognized for it are usually the first ones to take shortcuts.

7. The Pull of Comparison... Comparing yourself to others will always cause you to regret what you are not, rather than enjoy who you are.

8. The Appeal of Pleasure... Pleasure is a terrible teacher. The most significant lessons are born out of pain.

9. The Pleasure of Indifference... Those who choose to live their lives as a victim will always miss their opportunity.

In our busy lives... it is hard to stay focused on the right things... family, God, health, friends, work, etc... but realizing the many ways the enemy can distract us will help us to block those distractions. Think on Godly things, read the word, pray and keep your eyes on the SON. Distractions can wreck a life!

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