Friday, September 29, 2017


Cindy Feeman

With a trembling voice, Laura tried to explain to the security guard at the carnival, "My son Timmy was right beside me; I let go of his hand to pay for the cotton candy... and I think he wandered off... I can't find him anywhere!" "PLEASE HELP ME", she cried. "I just turned away for a second. It happened so fast. Please find him," she pleaded. "He is only 5."

Laura, filled with urgency, was trembling as she ran calling Timmy's name. Her heart pounding and tears flowing down her face, she was determined not to give up. The police were called and searching continued, even carnival patrons and workers volunteered to help search. Everyone going in different directions, frantically trying to locate the "Lost Timmy".

One hour, then two. Laura was filled with fear as she realized that time was ticking... night was approaching. Dread and "What if's" filled her heart and mind. What if Timmy is never found... she was frantic. "Timmy", "Timmy", echoed throughout the Carnival. Why can't we find him??? Dusk was upon them now and Laura collapsed to the ground sobbing, "God please help us find him. I know he's scared. Please God!!!"

Suddenly Laura thought she heard someone yell... "I found him"... she listened again and there it was like music to her ears, "I've got Timmy." With her heart pounding, Laura took off toward the voice. Could it be true? Then she spotted his little blonde head coming toward her holding a policeman's hand. She could tell Timmy had been crying. She ran to him with arms outstretched and relief filling her soul, she swept him up and held him tight. Timmy buried his head in her neck crying and mumbling, "I was lost". Now Laura was sobbing with pure joy, she consoled Timmy, "I'm here, I've been searching for you for along time and I got you now."

How many times have we heard stories like this? sometimes they do have happy endings and sometimes the sadly do not. Can you feel the relief of that mother?

Now imagine the heart of Jesus frantically searching for those who are lost. Knocking and knocking on their hearts door. Frantically calling their name. Even more urgent than a mother looking for her lost child. What if Jesus can't reach them in time? What if the prodigal doesn't make it back in time? The urgency of the late mid-night hour rapidly approaching. What if??? He knows some he will reach, but, brokenhearted, some he will not.

Now can you imagine the joy He experiences every time a lost soul is found? With arms outstretched, he scoops them up and takes away the sin, the fear, and heartache. Crying "I was lost but you found me" and Jesus responding, "I've been looking for you for a long time and I've got you now!"
Safe in His loving arms with a promise of eternal life.
He promised life and life more abundantly.

Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest Matthew 11:28

Nothing like being safe in His loving arms!

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