Friday, December 1, 2017

Know this, You can start over each day!

Know this, You can start over each day!
By: Cindy Feeman

Growing up with all brothers, I had to learn to adapt to playing what boys wanted to play. I learned the art of baseball, basketball, and tackle football. I could climb trees with the best of them, ride skateboards and wade through the creek catching craw dads. I was s fast learner and got pretty good at all of it. 

The only thing I struggled at was how to ride a bike. I was 7 1/2 and still hadn't got it. I was fearful of falling (wasn't fearful of falling from being tackled or falling from a tree) and I would overcompensate while trying to steer. My oldest brother would try to help and encourage me but to no avail, I just couldn't get it. Two of my younger brothers were already riding and I was sure I was the only 7 1/2 year old in the entire universe that couldn't ride a bike. 

Frustrated, every day I would go in the house crying and venting my failure to my Mother and she assured me to start over again tomorrow, you'll get it! A new day came and I was out there trying again.

Many times throughout my life, through disappointments, failures, struggles, heartache, grief, etc. I could still hear the echo of my Mothers words, "You can start over again tomorrow."

The Bible declares in Lamentations 3:23, "God's mercies are new every morning". Those words now echo in my ears! How thankful I am for that! I know I am not the only one who gets frustrated with myself, when I get discouraged or feel worthless, hopeless. When I've struggled with pain, failure (sin) and heartache. Just hold on till morning and that darkness will appear and you will feel the warmth of His new merciful day flooding your soul... great is His faithfulness. A fresh new start... A new beginning. A opportunity to put that darkness in the past with new determination to strive for the prize... to share His light... His love and... His mercy. 
So know this, you can start over each morning!

And by the way, my Mother was right. Just starting over each day with the mindset that I could conquer that bike... I did. I mastered it before my 8th birthday... and rode off like a boss!

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