Monday, January 29, 2018


By Cindy Feeman

That the Word, Jesus Christ, became a man is the wonder of wonders expressed simply in the phrase, "the Word became Flesh" and dwelt among us. John 1:14
Jesus had a human body just like you and I have. The Virgin birth, this is a mystery too profound to understand by nature. But by the spirit and written word it is clearly truth. He lived, breathed, ate, drank, slept, worked, laughed, cried, and spoke among us. He was real to the eye, real to the touch, real to the ears. He was living with men, women, and children.... GOD AMONG US.
Have you ever wished that Jesus lived today in human flesh and that His house was in your neighborhood? Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to knock on His door and say, "Jesus, would you please show me what to do? Tell me what to say!Can you help me I'm miserable? Can you tell me more about God? I'm sure many of my neighbors would want to be His neighbor too.

We, as a child of God, have received the written word into our hearts as a seed, miraculously affecting our whole person so that the very life of Christ is produced in us. We each live next door to people who can knock on our door and say, "Will you please show me what God is like? You and I can show them because we have become, somewhat like Him as we have studied, worshiped and obeyed Him.

when someone says, "Can you please help me?" We can lend a helping hand because we have given our bodies over to be used in service to others.

When a friend says, "Please help me with a broken relationship, I'm miserable." we can give loving counsel because we have been in the Word and with the Word and are able to tackle the problems that people around us face.

As Christ became flesh and made His dwelling in us, will we become Christ in the flh, to our neighbors.

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